Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Princess Costume Planning

So I decided quite some time ago that my costume for the Princess Half Marathon would be Cinderella. I've been looking at pictures online for awhile, and coming up with ideas, and today I finally did my first sketch of the costume.

The sketch is a little boring right now, as I don't have colored pencils, but, it gets the point across of what my plan is, and at some point I'll make a nice pretty drawing that is in color :-)

The outfit will consist of a blue running tank, which I will attach the puff sleeves to. I plan to use either white sheer fabric or tule to make the sleeves, and will probable add small scattered rhinestones to add some sparkle to them. Cinderella's outfit has a seem down the middle of the bodice, so if I can't find a running tank that has this, I will use a sewing machine to make a simple straight stitch down the middle.

For the skirt, I will be using my light blue team-sparkle skirt, which I already have. I wore one to the race for the cure earlier this summer (hot pink of course), and received many compliments. It seemed to hold up well, so I have no doubt my blue one will make it through the princess!

On the top of the skirt I will be using the same tule or sheer while fabric adorned with small rhinestones to create the peplum look Cinderella's dress has. Not exactly sure how I will attach this, whether it will be physically attached to the skirt, or something I just put on that will lay over it. Under the skirt (since it clearly needs something) I was thinking about wearing a pair of my favorite lululemon shorts in either a white/grey stripe, or black. Another option is just to wear a pair of black or white spandex shorts, but I think the lululemon ones will be more comfortable.
That's the majority of the costume, and then it just comes down to the tiny details. My hair is blonde so I plan to just wear it up in a bun, with a blue headband, and a little crown on a comb in my bun. To complete the look I also plan to wear some pearl earrings, a black ribbon around my neck, and white gloves or sleeves.

For shoes i will probably end up just wearing whatever I've been training in, and wont be getting anything special. The only thing left, is deciding if I want to carry around some sort of little "mascot" like a plush fairy godmother, or one of her mouse friends... I haven't decided on this yet. Part of me things this is just more trouble than it's worth, and that I will quickly grow sick of carrying something around with me, so I might nix this idea. What do you think? Have you started your costume planning? Are you going to make something or just buy a costume?

I am so excited for this race! It's going to be so much fun!

Have a great evening!

xoxo Jennifer

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  1. Awesome idea! The skirt is adorable, and the perfect color! I am OBSESSED with The Little Mermaid, and I'm already planning my Ariel costume. I just registered for the Princess Half Marathon -- it'll be my first half -- and I could NOT be more excited!