Saturday, July 28, 2012

Finally some results... And other news

So I have been running consistently about 3x per week now for around 2 months. While I do not have a ton of weight to lose, it is still a goal of mine while training to do these half marathons. I had about 15-20lbs to lose when I first started, and was starting to get very frustrated with the fact that my weight really wasn't changing much. When I first started a few mints ago I was looming around 143-145, and after the first few weeks, started hanging around 140, where I seemed to have become stuck. I understand that when working out, even running, you build muscle, and that can cause you to weigh the same or even gain some because it weighs more than fat, but i thought i would has seen something sooner. Well finally this past week, it started to change. Yesterday after my short 2.3 mile run, i weighed 137, and again this morning. In total so far I have lost about 5-8lbs since starting, and it feels great. It may not be a ton, but relative to the total amount I want to lose, it's a good chunk! I'm happy with this result, and hope it will continue.

In other news, today I also officially registered for what will be my first half-marathon, which will be in Detroit on October 21st. Its a very cool race where you actually run over the bridge into canada, and then back into the US through the tunnel. Im slightly concerned about anxiety and becoming a little claustrophobic when running through the tunnel, but its about a mile, and I can always plan to step it up that mile so I can minimize my time in there :-) I think I'll be okay though. I'm still a little concerned that over the next 3 months when I start working crazy hours for school that ill fall off the wagon, but I feel like running has now become a good part of my routine, and I'm used to running 3x per week, so I'm hoping it will stick! Wish me luck in these next 3 months in terms of pushing through and running even when I feel very tired!

Another princess update, I now have a running buddy!! A friend of the BF's wife has decided to run with me :-) They have two young children who have never been to Disney, and will be taking them there for the first time! I am SO excited that they will be joining us, and even more excited to be a part of their kids first trip to Disney. Now the fun of planning with a buddy begins, although all that's really left if getting an idea of which parks to go to on what days, and where to make dining reservations. So exciting!

Until next time!

XOXO Jennifer

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