Sunday, April 21, 2013

A Run for Boston

As with many other runners I know, the events that took place this past week completely shook me. I don't live near Boston, but this was an attack at one of the most revered marathons in the world, the Boston Marathon. That for me hit too close to home. I've been at large races before. My first half marathon was a very large one in Detroit. My mom and now fiancé we're standing right there at the finish line, and watched me cross. I just can't help but think what if it had happened there? Or any other of the large races I've been to?

As much as the thought of that scares me, I am even more angered that someone would do that at an event for people doing something I love? Where loved ones of runners were there waiting, just like mine were. Who do they think they are? Do they think they can break our spirits? Make us stop running? Make us stop going to running events? I will not let this effect who I am, as that's exactly what they want, and why they do it, to strike fear into us. I will not fall victim, and will keep running.

My thoughts and prayers have been so much with Boston and all those effected by this weeks tragedy. I pray that they will find peace eventually, and that they too, will not let this stop them from running, or going out to cheer on those who do run. I've been living in race shirts all week, as a tribute. I also went out for a 4.09 mile run on tuesday in honor of Boston, the time on the race clock when the first bomb exploded.

It wasn't my fastest run, but it was a purposeful run. I thought of all the victims during my run, asking God to help them heal, to help their families find peace.

Today there was a Solidarity Run in a local park, to bring people together and run for Boston. It was not a race. There was no set distance, no winers, no prizes. Just a gathering of runners, together remembering what had happened, and showing that we will never give up. There were hundreds of people that came out. People of all ages, and even some that had run the Boston Marathon this year, wearing their jackets and medals proudly. It was so great to see everyone come together. They were also accepting donations for the red cross, and had shirts made, all proceeds going to The One Fund Boston.

A friend of mine had made a ribbon, which I wore proudly today. I had also gotten one of the official gear tanks to wear, in tribute to all the runners and family members, and volunteers. I ran 8 miles, and it felt awesome. The park consists of a 1.73 mile loop. Normally I would probably have hated running 8 miles there, but seeing all the people just filled my heart with joy, and made the run very enjoyable.

There are so many great companies out there creating products and donating 100% or at least a portion of the proceeds to the One Fund Boston. Here are a list of my favorites (not sure what all they have left)

And of course you can donate directly here:

Keep running everyone!

XOXO Jennifer