Tuesday, July 17, 2012

One Step Closer

So last week was a big week. I signed up for the PHM. This of course sent me into a tizzy of figuring out where to stay and planning everything else. I certainly didn't waste much time, because the day after registration opened, I reserved my room.
I decided to stay at Disney's newest resort, Art of Animation. After finding out that the cancellation policy at Disney is pretty good, I put down my $200 deposit, and can cancel my room with no penalty up until 5 days prior to arrival. How great is that? I can also make any changes to the reservation, in terms of switching to another hotel, or changing the dates, so I figured, why not. After all, there really is no harm in booking it at this point!
I ended up just booking through the normal website and not through runDisney. I called afterwards to compare the price, and it was $79 more to stay there through them. Ummmmm... Aren't you supposed to be offering us a discount? Guess not. Oh well, no commemorative item or mini gold for me (which you get for booking through them). I'll gladly take that extra money and spend it on something nice at the expo :-)
It's definitely a themed hotel, like all Disney resorts, and sure some might say its a little childish, but hey, I'm just a big kid as it is anyways, so that's really no big deal after all :-) I chose to stay in one of the standard rooms, which are Little Mermaid themed. That was one of my favorite movies growing up, so childish as this room may look, you bet I'm pumped to go stay in it :-)

Now all that's left is to buy the tickets and flights! I keep looking at the flights, but at this point I'm not exactly sure what dates definitively I'll be going (although my current plan is to fly in Friday night, 2/22, and leave sometime the following Wednesday, 2/27), which is also why I have yet to purchase my park tickets.
I am so excited for this trip, and cannot wait until February to go. It's been 4 years since I was last at Disney, and while I said I wouldn't go back probably until I have kids, I thought this was a good excuse to make a premature return. Plus I'm excited to see the new Fantasyland at Magic Kingdom, and am even thinking about taking a day and visiting Harry Potter Land at Universal as well, which I have yet to see :-)
Have a great day and happy planning!

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