Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Battle scars...

Well, I wish I had a really great story to tell for this one, but unfortunately I don't, just a somewhat silly one.

So today it was very hot and humid, so I walked the 1 minute walk to my apartment complex's gym to run inside on the treadmill (which I really hate, but that's another story...). I finished my 30 min run, got off the treadmill, headphones still on, phone in hand, and started on my short walk back home. I was texting my mom to tell her that I had run, or something of the like, and came up to the edge of the sidewalk, which was a curb, and wiped out...

After falling to the ground, the first thing I did of course was look around to see if anyone had seen. After all, isn't that the most important thing? There was a kid and their parent at the playground a few hundred yards away, but nah, I don't thing they saw, ok, it's safe to get up... Then I look down and my knee, and find this:

Really?? I didn't fall that bad now did I? I felt like a mess, so I trudged home, them of course the next step was to stop and take a picture because I of course had to show and tell everyone all about it... Lol then finally I cleaned it up and jumped in the shower.

So that's my eventful evening. At least I'm okay, and this is the only part that got hurt. I'm sure it will be sore tomorrow, I took some Motrin to try and fight the inevitable inflammation, and maybe I'll ice it a bit later. It really doesn't hurt too much, just don't want it to get all swollen or something and have it interfere with my next run on Wednesday, where I will be staying upright...

Motto: Don't text and walk! (yea right, do you really expect me to listen to myself here?)

Have a good evening!


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