Friday, June 1, 2012

Girl on a Mission

Hello everyone!

Welcome to my new blog! Some of you may already know my from my Confessions of a J.CrewAholic blog about fashion and such, and to others I may be completely new. I'm Jennifer, currently finishing up my third year of medical school. I have ran on and off for many years since I was younger, but just recently started doing organized races in 2010. I've done 3 5Ks since then, with fairly little training. My running schedule had always been very sporadic, running for a few minutes here and there, nothing ever very consistent.

Within the past week, that all changed. A friend of mine mentioned to me a challenge that she saw on Runners World. The challenge was that from memorial day to the 4th of July, you run at least a mile every day. I decided sure, why not. A mile a day isn't so bad, I can do this. So far I have been going strong for 5 days and excited to keep going!

For quite some time now, I have thought about doing some longer distance races including a half marathon. I actually even went so far as to sign up for one last May, but didn't end up training for or doing it (oops...). Last week, a friend of mine mentioned something about the Disney marathons. I had known about them previously, but this conversation sent my head into a tizzy. If I was going to train for and run a half marathon, why not make it one at Disney, the happiest place on earth?? Since then, my thoughts became completely consumed with figuring out which race would fit best within my schedule, and figuring out how to do it.

Initially, I was thinking that the Disney Half Marathon in January would be perfect. It was right at the end of a month off school, and I had plenty of time to train before then so that wasn't an issue. Then I realized that interviews for residency (which I will be undergoing this fall) can span up through the end of January, even though most are finished by the end of December. I didn't want to risk planning to run this half marathon, and then having to turn down an interview for a potential residency spot.

Then I stumbled across the Princess Half Marathon, which is at the end of February, and should definitely be after my interviews are over. Then... I saw the finishers medal...

photo courtesy of google

I just about died and decided that medal just had to be mine, haha. No, that is not my only motivation for doing this run, as I mentioned, I've been wanted to run a half for quite some time now... but I think its not bad motivation either :-)

So here I am. Join me on my journey to the Disney Princess half marathon, and wherever it make take me from there!


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